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Welcome to Tanfield Association's Website - Click here to find out why you should join this group and help Tanfield School!

It is a sad duty to announce the death of an association member, Isobel Jenkins (nee Harrison) earlier this month.
She had been ill for some time. She is seen on the photo with her brother, Professor Bob Harrison, our former President and current Vice President.
The following short tribute was written by her friend Audrey Sharp, also a former pupil of Tanfield.

Isobel must have been born in 1940 because she left school in 1958, the same year we started.
She studied history at Leeds University and taught in secondary schools there.
She married Edgar Jenkins and had two daughters Rhiannon and Caitlin.
Later she studied for an MA in Education and went on to teach in the Education Department at Leeds University.
She was a gentle, calm person always interested in others. She loved music and local history.

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Your school has been making PPE for the community

We are 'shutting down' all activities until further notice. On-line and phone contacts will be maintained but all else will stop.
We will notify you when the situation is resolved. Stay safe.
Ted Brabban

Welcome to the Tanfield Association Website. The aims of the website are:
  • To provide information about the association and its events
  • To document the history of the school
  • To create a repository for items of interest to former pupils of the school
  • To put former pupils in touch with friends
For more information about Tanfield Association and its activities

If you wish to have your face/name removed from any of our photos or have any problems accessing the site's features (eg photos not displaying, links not working), email me at: webguru@tanfield-association.org and tell me:
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Choosing from the menu, you can read about Alderman Wood (the school's founder); view biographies of former headteachers; browse photos from the past 100+ years and much more.

A selection of old exam papers can be downloaded (you will have to mark your own answers!) in addition to memorabilia such as Speech Day programmes.

Some photos have been "Name-Tagged" and I would appreciate help in identifying unknown faces or correcting errors.

Also available to browse or download are School Magazines and Association Newsletters. As you will see, we do not have a complete collection so I would be pleased to arrange for missing documents to be scanned and published.

If you are interested in joining the association, contact: 

Howard Bott