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Find your Ancestor from a collection of class photographs dated from 1913 to 1917

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A Abbott Francis VIEW Armstrong Henry VIEW
Adams Sallie VIEW Armstrong Edith VIEW
Adamsom Whitfield VIEW Armstrong Annie VIEW
  Adamson Nora VIEW Armstrong Susanna VIEW
  Aitcheson Albert VIEW Armstrong William VIEW
Alderson Jonathon VIEW Armstrong Mathew VIEW
  Allan Thomas VIEW Armstrong Sarah VIEW
  Allan James VIEW Armstrong Wilhelmina VIEW
  Allen Joseph VIEW Ashburn Thurza VIEW
  Alton Greta VIEW Atkinson Stephen VIEW
  Anderson John VIEW Atkinson Nora VIEW
  Anderson Louisa VIEW Atkinson Mary VIEW
  Anderson Jennie VIEW Atthey Hannah VIEW
  Anderson Norman VIEW Ayre Dora VIEW
  Appleby Eleanor VIEW Ayton Archie VIEW
Appleby May VIEW
B Bainbridge Cecil VIEW Blackett Eleanor VIEW
Bainbridge Hazel VIEW Blackwell William VIEW
  Bamborough William VIEW Bland Jennie VIEW
  Bambridge Fred VIEW Boustead Chris VIEW
  Barker Sarah VIEW Brackburn William VIEW
  Barnes Norman VIEW Braithwaite Maggie VIEW
  Barrass Peter VIEW Brown John VIEW
  Bates Jenny VIEW Brown Lilian VIEW
  Beathem Sally VIEW Brown Sibyl VIEW
  Bell Ernest VIEW Brown Mark VIEW
  Bell Gertrude VIEW Brown Cecil VIEW
  Bell Mary VIEW Brown Elsie VIEW
  Bell Jack VIEW Brown John VIEW
  Bells Celia VIEW Brunton Frances VIEW
  Best Antony VIEW Buglass Eleanor VIEW
  Binney Edward VIEW Burridge Herbert VIEW
  Bird Thomas VIEW Burridge Hilda VIEW
  Blackburn Dora VIEW
C Cairns Katie VIEW Cooke Margaret VIEW
Campbell Peter VIEW Cooke Norman VIEW
  Campbell Alec VIEW Coulter Violet VIEW
  Carlyon Minnie VIEW Coulter Constance VIEW
  Carr Thomas VIEW Cousins Martha VIEW
  Carr Rose VIEW Coxon Ellen VIEW
  Carr Janet VIEW Coxon Winnie VIEW
  Catterick May VIEW Craig Lilian VIEW
  Chambers Percival VIEW Cranston Isabel VIEW
  Chapman Jenny VIEW Craven Wilfred VIEW
  Chapman Robert VIEW Croft Richard Fred VIEW
  Charlton Leslie VIEW Croudace Henry VIEW
  Chatt Rachel VIEW Cummings Margaret VIEW
  Clark Ethel May VIEW Cunningham Mollie VIEW
  Clark Alice A E VIEW Cunningham Ada VIEW
  Clark Alice VIEW Curry M VIEW
  Clarke Hannah VIEW Curry Minnie VIEW
  Clarke Sophia VIEW Curry-Wood Gladys VIEW
  Cole Edith VIEW Cushing Doris Blanche VIEW
  Collins Florrie VIEW Cuthbertson Isabella VIEW
D Daglish Ralph VIEW Dixon Ernest VIEW
Darwent Florrie VIEW Dixon Nora VIEW
  Davidson George VIEW Dixon George VIEW
  Davidson(A) Sydney VIEW Donkin Mary VIEW
  Davidson(B) Sydney VIEW Donnelly Annie VIEW
  Davison Joseph VIEW Doory Matilda VIEW
  Davison Luke VIEW Douglas Winifred VIEW
  Dawson Florence VIEW Dover Elizabeth VIEW
  Dickenson Mary VIEW Dover Robert VIEW
  Dinning William VIEW Dover Hannah VIEW
  Dinning Mabel VIEW Draper Sally VIEW
  Dixon Annie VIEW Duffy Ella VIEW
E Eddy Evelyn VIEW Eltringham Kitty VIEW
Eddy Lily VIEW Eltringham Jennie VIEW
  Edmondson Olive VIEW Eminson Hilda VIEW
  Elliot George VIEW Errington Edith VIEW
  Elliot Ruth VIEW Errington Lily VIEW
  Elsdon Thomas VIEW Estell Robert VIEW
  Elsdon Thomas VIEW
F Fairley Annie VIEW Ferry Elsie VIEW
Fairley James VIEW Fletcher Winnie VIEW
  Fawcett Edwin VIEW Foggon Isabella VIEW
  Fawcett Lily VIEW Foggon John VIEW
  Fawcett B VIEW Forster Freda VIEW
  Fawcett Margaret VIEW Forster Jennie VIEW
  Fawcett Barbara VIEW Foster Nellie VIEW
  Fawcett Marion VIEW Foster Ada VIEW
  Fenwick John VIEW Freek Howard VIEW
  Ferguson Nellie VIEW Fryer George VIEW
  Ferguson Hilda VIEW Fullerton Margaret VIEW
G Gales Christopher VIEW Gowland Rebecca VIEW
Gales Eliza VIEW Gowland Charles VIEW
  Garbett Ben VIEW Gowland Lizzie VIEW
  Gardener George VIEW Graham Eliza VIEW
  Gardiner G VIEW Graham Maggie VIEW
  Garnham Thomas VIEW Graham Agnes VIEW
  Gates William VIEW Gray Nora VIEW
  Gedling Christina VIEW Grayley Doris VIEW
  Gibson Ann VIEW Green Marion VIEW
  Gill Thomas VIEW Green John VIEW
  Gillespie Nora VIEW Greener Janet VIEW
  Gillespy Thomas VIEW Greenwell May VIEW
  Glasson Hannah VIEW Grey George VIEW
  Golightly James VIEW Grindle Eva VIEW
  Grundy Cissy VIEW
H Hall Susie VIEW Heslop Lily VIEW
Hall Annie VIEW Hewison Adelaide VIEW
  Hall Olive VIEW Hewison May VIEW
  Hall Thomas VIEW Hillard Lancelot VIEW
  Hall Selina VIEW Hislop David VIEW
  Hamilton H VIEW Hobbs George VIEW
  Handcock Winfred VIEW Hodgson Anton VIEW
  Hanson Florence VIEW Hodgson Mildreh VIEW
  Harkness Sadie VIEW Holden Thomas VIEW
  Harm Emma VIEW Holland Robert VIEW
  Harris Thomas VIEW Holmes William VIEW
  Harrison Cissie VIEW Hope Jenny VIEW
  Harrison Robert VIEW Hope John VIEW
  Harrison Dora VIEW Howe Edith VIEW
  Harrison Mary VIEW Howe Richard VIEW
  Harrison Maggie VIEW Hoyle Thomas VIEW
  Havanagh Gladys VIEW Hull John VIEW
  Haw Stanley VIEW Humble Arthur VIEW
  Hawes Lillie VIEW Humble Ethel VIEW
  Hayton Eva VIEW Hunter Ruth VIEW
  Heatherington Bessie VIEW Hunter Jennie VIEW
  Heming Robert VIEW Hunter Jennie VIEW
  Henderson Ester VIEW Hunter Mary VIEW
  Heppell Maggie VIEW Hutchinson Elsie VIEW
  Herdman Leslie VIEW Hutchinson Joseph VIEW
  Herron Grace VIEW Hutchinson Kitty VIEW
I Ingram William VIEW Irwin John VIEW
J Jackson Edith VIEW Johnson Hannah VIEW
Jeffrey Caroline VIEW Johnson Ellen VIEW
  Jeffrey Caroline VIEW Johnson Hilda VIEW
  Jeffrey Olive VIEW Johnson Jennie VIEW
  Jessop James VIEW Johnson Robert VIEW
  Jewitt Ena VIEW Jopling George VIEW
  Jewitt Leah VIEW
K Keelan Annie VIEW Kerr Lily VIEW
Keeler Selby VIEW Kerr William VIEW
  Kelly Dolly VIEW Kerr Eva VIEW
  Kelly Agnes VIEW Kerr Eva VIEW
  Kelly Lizzie VIEW Kirtley Ella VIEW
  Kennedy Amy VIEW Kirtley Ellen VIEW
  Knox Joseph VIEW
L Lackenby Lizzie VIEW Leightell Joseph VIEW
Lamb Hannah VIEW Lesley Christine VIEW
  Lamb Eva VIEW Lilley Alfred VIEW
  Lambton James VIEW Lincoln Gwendoline VIEW
  Latham Eliza VIEW Littlefair Mary VIEW
  Laws Doris VIEW Livingstone Jean VIEW
  Lawson Charles VIEW Logan Norman VIEW
  Lawson William VIEW Lomas Jennie VIEW
  Lawton John VIEW Longstaff Richard VIEW
  Laybourne Daisy VIEW Lough Fred VIEW
  Laybourne Harry VIEW Lowden Hannah VIEW
  Leadbitter Thomas VIEW Lowden Annie VIEW
  Leadbitter Jennie VIEW Lowen George VIEW
  Leathard Nellie VIEW Lumley Sarah VIEW
M MacPherson Kathie VIEW Middleton Ada VIEW
Maddison Gertrude VIEW Milburn Leslie VIEW
  Mainstre Fred VIEW Moffatt Susie VIEW
  Malcolm Fred VIEW Moore Olive VIEW
  Mallaburn James VIEW Moore George E VIEW
  March Kitti VIEW Moore Edna VIEW
  Marley Edward VIEW Mordue Frances VIEW
  Marsh Cecil VIEW Morgan George VIEW
  Marshall Annie VIEW Morris George VIEW
  Martin Lily VIEW Morton Lizzie VIEW
  Mason Herbert VIEW Morton Florence VIEW
  Maughan John VIEW Mossom John VIEW
  McAllister Mary VIEW Mudd Thomas VIEW
  McInnes James VIEW Muncaster Robert VIEW
  McKinley Irene VIEW Murray Cora VIEW
  McMakin Dinah VIEW Muse Polly VIEW
  Middlemast Fredrick VIEW Mynott Ernest VIEW
N Nicholson Florence VIEW Nicholson Robert VIEW
Nicholson George VIEW Nicholson Alice VIEW
  Nicholson Sarah VIEW Nicholson Ethel VIEW
  Nicholson Robert VIEW Nixon Thomas VIEW
O Osbourne Alice VIEW Oxley John VIEW
Ovington Percy VIEW
P Pack Lily VIEW Phillipson Lizzie VIEW
Pallister Joseph VIEW Pickerskill Annie VIEW
  Palmer Betty VIEW Pigg Rhoda VIEW
  Parker Robert VIEW Plews William VIEW
  Parnaby Fred VIEW Pomeroy Annie VIEW
  Patterson Jane VIEW Pooley Edna VIEW
  Patterson Hilda VIEW Porter Ada VIEW
  Patterson Robert VIEW Price Florence VIEW
  Pattinson Calley VIEW Price Edith VIEW
  Pattinson Alice VIEW Price Joseph VIEW
  Pattinson H VIEW Pringle Mabel VIEW
  Pattinson Alice VIEW Pringle Edward VIEW
  Peacock Dora VIEW Pringle Isobel VIEW
  Pearson E VIEW Pringle Jennie VIEW
  Pearson Evelyn VIEW Pringle Henry VIEW
  Pearson Jennie VIEW Pruddah William VIEW
  Pearson Lilian VIEW Pyle Alma VIEW
  Pharaoh William VIEW
R Ramsay Ann VIEW Robinson Elsie VIEW
Ramsey Robert VIEW Robinson Mabel VIEW
  Ramshaw Fred VIEW Robinson George VIEW
  Ramshaw John VIEW Robson Mary VIEW
  Raw Gertrude VIEW Robson Pollic VIEW
  Reay Winifred VIEW Robson Hilda VIEW
  Reay Nancy VIEW Robson Ivy VIEW
  Reay Isabella VIEW Robson Nellie VIEW
  Reay Lucy VIEW Robson Enid VIEW
  Reayer Sarah VIEW Roddam Jennie VIEW
  Redfearn John VIEW Roddam Sarah VIEW
  Reid Ralph VIEW Roddick Thomas VIEW
  Renwick Jabez VIEW Rodgerson George VIEW
  Reynolds Ethel VIEW Rodham Joseph VIEW
  Richards Edwin VIEW Rogers Whinnie VIEW
  Richardson Sarah VIEW Rogers Cecil VIEW
  Richardson Walton VIEW Rooke Alfred VIEW
  Richardson Mabel VIEW Ross Ruby VIEW
  Richardson Robert VIEW Rostron Elizabeth VIEW
  Richardson Robert VIEW Rowan Albert VIEW
  Richie Jos VIEW Rowe George VIEW
  Ridley John George VIEW Rowe Rita VIEW
  Rigby Joseph VIEW Rowe Lavinia VIEW
  Ritson May VIEW Rowell Lily VIEW
  Rutter Hilda VIEW
S Sanderson Gertrude VIEW Smithson William VIEW
Sayers Nora VIEW Snowden Ina VIEW
  Scott Mary VIEW Soulsby Mary VIEW
  Scrapton Jennie VIEW Southern Ivy VIEW
  Seth Norman VIEW Southren Olga VIEW
  Severs Leslie VIEW Spark Laura VIEW
  Seymour John VIEW Spence Elizabeth VIEW
  Shade Hilda VIEW Spinks Hilda VIEW
  Sheldrake Phyllis VIEW Stephenson Ralph VIEW
  Short Mary VIEW Stick George VIEW
  Simpson Mildred VIEW Stobart Ethel VIEW
  Simpson Annie VIEW Stobbart Phoebe VIEW
  Simpson Edwin VIEW Stobbart George VIEW
  Simpson Leslie VIEW Stock James VIEW
  Smailes Isabella VIEW Storey John VIEW
  Smailes Alexandra VIEW Stothard Jennie VIEW
  Smedley Eva VIEW Swainston Tom VIEW
  Smith Fred VIEW Swan Harry VIEW
  Smith Harry VIEW Swan Mary VIEW
  Smith Minna VIEW Swinbank Hilda VIEW
  Smith Hester VIEW Swinbanks George VIEW
  Smithem Cecil VIEW Swinburne Eleanor VIEW
T Tarn William VIEW Thirwell Violet VIEW
Taylor Margaret VIEW Thompson Hilda VIEW
  Taylor Thomas VIEW Todd Sylvia VIEW
  Taylor William VIEW Todd Annie VIEW
  Taylor William VIEW Toomer Herbert VIEW
  Taylorson Fred VIEW Towler Maud VIEW
  Teesdale Norman VIEW Trelease Alfred VIEW
  Teesdale Leslie VIEW Tulip Edward VIEW
  Teesdale Gertrude VIEW Turnbull Edna VIEW
  Temple Joseph VIEW Tyman Florence VIEW
  Thirlaway Ivor VIEW Tyson Jennie VIEW
  Thirlaway Kathleen VIEW
V Varty William VIEW
W Waggott James VIEW Wells Florence VIEW
Waggott Ralph VIEW Welsh Annie VIEW
  Walker Elsie VIEW Whale Vera VIEW
  Walker Railton VIEW Whaley Joseph VIEW
  Walker Neil VIEW Whitfield Florrie VIEW
  Wallace Olive VIEW Whitfield William VIEW
  Wallace Janet VIEW Whitfield Blanche VIEW
  Walton William VIEW Wilkinson James VIEW
  Walton Elsie VIEW Wilkinson Hilda VIEW
  Ward Robert VIEW Wilkinson Elizabeth VIEW
  Watchman Wilfred VIEW Wilkinson Florence VIEW
  Watchman Thomas VIEW Williamson John VIEW
  Waterman Mary VIEW Williamson Edith VIEW
  Waters Jane VIEW Wilson Lily VIEW
  Watkins Mary VIEW Wilson Bessie VIEW
  Waycott Florence VIEW Winwood Thomas VIEW
  Webster Blanche VIEW Wood Sydney VIEW
  Weedy Nora VIEW Wrangham May VIEW
  Weedy Leonard VIEW Wright Charles Edwin VIEW
  Weldon George VIEW
Y Yarrow Gibson VIEW Young Nora VIEW

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