Tanfield School Fund Charity Fundraiser: Job description

We want to increase the contributions from individuals, groups, companies and parent/carers to our school fund raising charity, by building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities from various sources. We would like to increase the types of donors who support us and we need a willing team of like- minded volunteers to support us. We will produce a calendar of specific activities and share all fundraising activities with our school and the wider community.

The main categories that we would like to increase support with are:




major gifts;

general funding for non-curriculum events.

Our fundraisers will work as a team in all areas of donation and help us increase the non-curriculum activities that we can support. The ability to network is paramount for this voluntary role, since Tanfield’s success in the role depends heavily on being able to forge positive relationships with supporters. Fundraisers will also volunteer to raise awareness of the school’s ethos, successful results, aims and goals of the Tanfield way.

Typical voluntary activities may include:

motivating and facilitating activities to support staff events and help to maximise the funding they raise;

inspiring new supporters to raise money, while maintaining and developing relationships with existing supporters;

supporting the organisation of traditional in house activities, such as sponsored outdoor events and collections of donated goods and money;

developing new and imaginative fundraising activities, many of which involve organising whole school and or community events;

raising our charity status and its work at local and national levels, e.g. by giving talks to groups or seeking photo appropriate opportunities with the local media;

recruiting and organising volunteers to carry out various functions within the school fund charity status;

supporting an open policy of sharing fundraising proceeds with our wider community;

support the writing of applications, mail-shots and collections from a wide range of potential and current donors;

If you feel that you have the time to volunteer and be part of a supportive and creative team then please email: belll@tanfieldschool.co.uk for further information.

Mrs Lynne Bell

School Community Manager