As you are aware, we are always trying to increase the opportunities for young people here in Tanfield School outside of the curriculum. Over the last couple of terms, the interest in learning a musical instrument here in our school has started to increase and we feel that this is so important to raising a student’s self-esteem, their mental health and gaining community confidence. We are very proud that Mr Stephenson our Music Teacher has worked hard with these students outside of their lesson time during break, lunch and after school to create a new ‘Big Band’ and he is inundated with students wanting to be involved. This is where we are struggling to fund the musical instruments to meet the needs of an increasing project.

We want to be able to share the students’ amazing talent and perform at community events and in front of a variety of audiences. We are a host for the local brass band events and award ceremonies and feel that this would be an opportunity for students to develop further.

WE DESPERATELY NEED SOME: at least 6-8 of each for students

Trumpets - £70 each

Alto Saxophones (small) - £150 each

Tenor Saxophones (large) - £250 each Clarinets - £55 each

Trombones - £105 each (a couple would be nice)

LARGE HORNS – we don’t have any:

** 2 of each would be nice like in brass bands**

Tenor horns - £200 each

Baritone horns - £200 each

Euphoniums - £200 each

Melodicas – mouth organs with keyboards attached.

The approximate cost of funding the instruments this project (for 2 or 6 of these instruments) comes to


I know the reality is that we would like 8 of each instrument and we will also look for funding to support

the cost of transport for the students and instruments to community events.

John Stephenson

Head of Music



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