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Videos - School Trip to Montdidier Septembre 1990

The staff are Mrs Bilton, Mrs Moore Mr Wainwright & Mr Whittingham who did the videoing.

The pupils are, in order of appearance, Gemma Love, Jill Gregg, Kirsty Cranner, Tracey Bulmer, Melanie Wood, Sian Jones, Jill Gregg, Andrew Binney, John Dodds, Graeme Foster, Elaine Gowland, Louise Thompson, Kris Stevens, Kevin Shattock, Gavin Harrop, Rachael Beadle, Anna Long, Andrew Oyston, Peter Greaves, Andrew Hockaday, Lesley Hunter, Rachel Tong, Louise Tracey , Andrea Hewitson, Mark Thompson, Paul Pine, R. Telford, Anthony Wilson, Karen Wood, Joanne Sorley Jennifer Robson, Anthony Hunter, Paul Bird. Apologies if someone has been omitted.

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