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Head Girl, Governor and Head of Technology Make PPE for Community

Tanfield's Head Girl Rachel Scholey and her father (School Governor Mick Scholey) have worked with Tanfield’s Head of Technology Paul Carr, who also trained Shaun Budd (Facilities Supervisor), to make Personal Protection Equipment. The equipment is for local care homes, NHS facilities, primary schools and Tanfield School itself.

“We have made visors for 15 Primary schools, Tanfield School, ICU Durham, Stanley Medical Centre, Holllie Hill Care Home, NE ambulance service, Newcastle CCG, over 400 sites and counting. Full credit must go to Paul Carr, Head of design and Technology, who started the whole thing off.“ said Rachel

These photos have been shared with Tanfield School by the Childhood Community Nursing Team covering Durham, Darlington and Teesside.
The school volunteer mask-makers have provided them with 45 visors to help when they visit schools and complete the immunisation programme each year.
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

The volunteers are still making masks. The association has donated £200 towards the cost of materials and one of our members donated another £50.
If anyone else would like to help,I'm sure the school - and the frontline workers who will use them - will be very grateful!

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