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An Obituary of Dr James Irving Spurr, 1940 – 2018

Irving Spurr attended Stanley Grammar School from 1952 to 1959.
He was an avid pop music fan and admired Buddy Holly - even to the point of wearing the trademark spectacles.
While at school, he was involved with several bands and maybe saw his future in the music business.
He played bass guitar and, when in the VI form, he teamed up with others from school including 'Kippers' Heron, Tommy Gilfellon and Alan Mills to form 'The Travellers'.
He was also a member of a group called 'All the King's Men' and they played the same circuit as the 'Animals'.
In spite of his musical ability, he studied medicine and became a GP, spending 28 years in the Weardale Pracice.
He had many tales of working in the harsh Weardale winters and of trudging through snow to attend patients. This dedication to duty ensured he was held in the highest regard.
He became particularly interested in the chronic fatigue syndrome ME and joined the John Richardson group, eventually becoming its chairman. He was a founding member of the Newcastle Research Group and a member of the Melvin Ramsay Society and was internationally renowned for his work researching ME.

A man for whom family meant so much, Irving leaves behind his wife Eileen.

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