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Wishing you a Happy & Healthy 2022

Welcome to Tanfield Association's Website - Click here to find out why you should join this group and help Tanfield School!

We are delighted to say we are resuming activities with monthly lunches, a tour of the school with lunch, another newsletter on the way and a book to mark the 110th anniversary next year in progress.
Keep watching here for details
Next Association Lunch-10 Nov 2021

Welcome to the Tanfield Association Website. The aims of the website are:
  • To provide information about the association and its events
  • To document the history of the school
  • To create a repository for items of interest to former pupils of the school
  • To put former pupils in touch with friends
For more information about Tanfield Association and its activities

If you wish to have your face/name removed from any of our photos or have any problems accessing the site's features (eg photos not displaying, links not working), email me at: webguru@tanfield-association.org and tell me:
  • Which operating system (e.g Windows 10) you are using
  • Which browser and version you are using (e.g Chrome 61, Internet Explorer 11 etc.)

Choosing from the menu, you can read about Alderman Wood (the school's founder); view biographies of former headteachers; browse photos from the past 100+ years and much more.

A selection of old exam papers can be downloaded (you will have to mark your own answers!) in addition to memorabilia such as Speech Day programmes.

Some photos have been "Name-Tagged" and I would appreciate help in identifying unknown faces or correcting errors.

Also available to browse or download are School Magazines and Association Newsletters. As you will see, we do not have a complete collection so I would be pleased to arrange for missing documents to be scanned and published.

If you are interested in joining the association, contact: 

Howard Bott